Student Success Act Proposed Expenditures

Dear Nyssa School District Patrons and Nyssa community,

As required by law, we are providing this information to the public.  We have spent the past seven (7) months collecting feedback from parents, students, staff, and community in order to understand some of your priorities and wishes for how we should spend the new money that will be coming to our school district because of the Student Success Act, also known as HB 3427. 

The funds projected to be received in July 2020 for the Nyssa School District: $1,145,362.06

This amount is new money, renewed each year. 

Below are the proposed expenditures for this new money for the 2020-21 school year:

  • Hire a full-time Registered Nurse or LPN for the district
  • Hire a full-time social studies teacher
  • Hire a full-time mental/behavioral health professional
  • Hire a full-time elementary school counselor
  • Hire a half-time Student Success Coach to work with all students in grades 6-12 to know their path to graduation and beyond. 
  • Hire a full-time social studies teacher
  • Hire a full-time Special Education teacher for our HS
  • Hire 2 elementary teachers in grades K-1 to reduce class sizes in those early grades
  •  Purchase new security cameras for coverage around school campus.  Purchase GPS systems for our school buses for added safety and location ability. 
  • Purchase new playground equipment four our elementary school playground.
  • Purchase equipment upgrades to our High School weight room.
  • Purchase Reading Intervention curriculum for elementary students needing additional support. 
  • Training costs for teachers and instructional assistants for intervention curriculum.
  • Purchase website hosting and technical support to allow for better parent and community information. 
  • Hire a full-time district data specialist to track student progress and help with administrative reporting of student progress. 
  • Purchase math and reading intervention programs for our high school students who need that support. 
  • Hire a full-time STEM teacher at the elementary school.
  • Hire a half-time math teacher for increased math options for students at the secondary level. 
  • Purchase Dual Language Immersion support curriculum.

If we are fortunate enough to receive an increase, our plan is to spend the money on the following:

  • Hire four (4) full-time instructional assistants for the elementary school to help with reading interventions for students needing that support.