Malheur County Spelling Bee

Malheur County Spelling Bee

 1.       2nd, 5th, 8th Grade Bees, and Final Bee: room 34 Popcorn Room

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 Jim Maret(judge) and Toni Case(moderator)

A.     2nd Grade Bee:  8:30-9:30

B.     5th Grade Bee:  9:30-10:30

C.     8th Grade Bee:  10:30-11:15

2.      3rd, 6th and Final Grade Bees:  Music Room

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Kelsi Adams (judge) and Carol Steinmetz (moderator) 

A.    3rd Grade Bee:  8:30-9:30

B.    6th Grade Bee:  9:30-10:30

C.    Final Bee:  11:15-Noon 

3. 1st, 4th, 7th Grade Bees: room 72

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Scott Rodman (judge) and Connie Cabrera (moderator) 

A. 1st Grade Bee:  8:30-9:30

B. 4th Grade Bee:  9:30-10:30

C. 7th Grade Bee: 10:30-11:15   

4.       Anthem and Awards in Mac Hall 


 Alternate moderator or Judge Sue Faw